I am a transgender artist working in the fields of gender, ecology and performance whose work is based on the texts I write inspired by a wide variety of sources- documentaries, news, my reading. They communicate in a poetic way, an ethical and anti-establishment position which is opposed to the systems of oppression, domination and control in our society. 
My practise is eclectic and highly experimental. It includes graphic art, video, music and performance and draws parallels between biological and political organisation as a result of my studies in the field of genetics. It rejects specialisation in any one field as the product of a society which attempts to compartmentalise knowledge in order to maintain control through the development of means of communication which are only accessible to an elite who have been educated in the subject. It attempts to demystify these processes and mixes different fields of knowledge to discover new combinations in a similar way to which the ancient alchemists mixed chemicals to see how they would react.

Geezerbird : transgender chaman